Four simple requirements. One monumental statement. Pledge Parental Leave for your employees, their families, and our future.

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Four simple requirements.
One monumental statement.

It’s basic human instinct, and more importantly a human right, that parents should spend time with their newborns.

Created as a unified voice and proverbial line in the sand, Pledge Parental Leave sets the standard for the minimum parental leave benefits companies in the creative industry (and beyond) should be offering their team.

By adhering to these four criteria, each Pledge Partner has announced (and proved) to the world that they truly do care about the well-being of their employees, and their families.

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    3 Months’ Paid Leave

    Fully paid leave for the primary caregiver

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    3 Months’ Medical Coverage

    Uninterrupted medical insurance coverage

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    6 Months’ Job Security

    Return to the same or similar role, guaranteed

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    Open Policy

    Commitment to making the policy openly available online

The line has been drawn. Which side are you on?

We can't do it without your help.

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    How can I help my company meet The Pledge minimums?

    Get your HR team involved by directing them to our Resources page. Any company can join The Pledge, and the first step is beginning the conversation.

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  • How can I get involved and help spread the word?

    It’s people like you who are our greatest asset, so thank you! Get involved by following us on Twitter & Facebook, and spread the word with the hashtag #pledgePL. You can also reach out to us with ideas at

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  • Broach the subject with our Open Letter

    Want to share The Pledge with your boss, but unsure where to start? Read & share this open letter from one of our founding partners.

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